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eSafety at Clacton County High School

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National Online Safety - #WakeupWednesday Campaign - Highly Recommended

BBC 'Own It'

The new BBC ‘Own It’ website allows young people to take control of their online life    -    be it Vlogging, Gaming or have Phone FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
Visit our Student eSafety Webpage for more the full story...

A Parents Guide

At Clacton County High we educate and protect our students in their use of ICT and the internet. We aim to constantly reinforce the responsibilities that our students have when surfing the web through ICT lessons, PSHE lessons and Year Group Assemblies. Within school, filtered internet usage is regularly monitored.
Obviously, we can only provide these safeguards within school – it is equally important that students are encouraged to use the internet safely and responsibly on mobile devices and outside of school.

To help you and your children to stay safe online there is a series consists of six short films for parents and six matching films for students to help empower your family to use social media safely and responsibly.

The videos look at the ways in which the internet and digital technology can be used positively by young people as well as identifying the potential issues they may face.

They cover the most critical themes in online safety today including:

• Cyberbullying >
• The Digital Footprint >
• Identity and Self-esteem >
• Relationships and Grooming >
• Security and Privacy >
• Sexting >

The world of digital technology moves at an incredible pace. For young people growing up in this environment, it may feel perfectly natural to interact with the latest technology and to become immersed in the online world. The challenge for parents is to ensure that their children enjoy the huge benefits of the internet safely and responsibly.

The Live My Digital series will help you to understand more about today’s most important eSafety issues, provide you with practical steps that you can take to keep your children safe online and offer ideas for starting discussions with your children about the responsible use of social media.

We hope that the films, together with the downloadable online safety factsheets, will help encourage and support open discussions in your family about how to enjoy the online environment whilst staying safe.

The series has been produced by Live My Digital, in partnership with Digital Awareness UK, a leading online safety organisation.

For further information and practical advice on staying safe on-line, please take the time to visit the following websites:

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• The Breck Foundation
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• CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
• Virtual Global Task Force - Making the internet a safer place

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