Marking Strategy

CCHS Marking Strategy

At CCHS we want to create a culture where the evaluation of students’ work and the feedback they receive, regardless of the format, informs students how to improve their work and make progress.CCHS Marking Codes

Marking and Assessment is something the students have as much of a part to play in as staff and as such, written feedback is just as important as verbal feedback, student self assessment or peer assessment.

The poster shows the codes that are being used by staff or students when evaluating students' work.

Our marking follows a 4-6 week cycle whereby self, peer and teacher assessment will occur with regularity. Each time some form of teacher assessment has taken place stickers in the book will indicate as such.
Double ticking acts as our whole school requirement for marking. Teachers throughout the school create success criteria for each piece of double ticked work. Pupils are expected to annotate their work for what they have done well, based on that criteria or comment on what they need to correct if something is underlined. This allows them to read over what they have done in detail and extend their understanding.

As a parent, asking your child / children about their work – ‘What Went Well’ or what would have made it ‘Even Better’ are great ways to encourage them to evaluate their own skills. Encouraging them to respond to you in full sentences is also a great skill that will have a useful impact in the classroom too!

Link to CCHS Marking Policy

Results Days Reminder

GCSE/L2 subjects (Years 10 and 11)

Thursday 12th August - 9am to 12noon in the main hall at CCHS.

A Level/L3 subjects

Tuesday 10th August - 9am to 12noon in the Atrium at Sigma Sixth Tendring - Tendring Education Centre

Following receipt of results on the above days, should students wish to appeal/raise a query regarding their results please can they do so via this
Google form link (CCHS student login required)