Feedback (Marking) Strategy

CCHS Feedback (Marking) Strategy

At CCHS, we have a culture where students receive timely feedback in an array of formats that informs them on how to improve their knowledge, exploration and communication of ideas in order to make progress.
As the most effective way of enabling learning, feedback is essential to provide students with ongoing opportunities to shape, review and develop their understanding of the topic being studied.
Teachers will provide feedback to students using a variety of learning strategies including; questioning, discussion, 1-2-1 conversation, whole class feedback, live marking and summative (assessment) marking.

The CCHS curriculum ensures that feedback opportunities are embedded across topics as an integral part of the teaching process. Feedback is visible through the use of varied methodologies that are appropriate to the subject, topic and class being taught:
• Question and Answer sessions (misconceptions / exploration)
• Discussions (exploration / communication)
• Live marking  (walkabout marking)
• Live review (using a visualiser)
• 1-2-1 conversation (short, directed at a small intervention within a topic)
• Whole class feedback (activity / assessment)
• Peer review (communication)
• Non verbal cues
• Distance marking (with live review)

As a parent, asking your child / children about their work – ‘What Went Well’ or what would have made it ‘Even Better’ are great ways to encourage them to evaluate their own skills. Encouraging them to respond to you in full sentences is also a great skill that will have a useful impact in the classroom too!

Link to CCHS Feedback Policy