Clacton County High School Library

The school library is currently closed.

As a result of the pandemic, our school library was forced to close last year, but knowing how important it is for children to have access to free books, our students can now do so via the Sora library app.
Here, students can access a catalogue of over 2000 titles; they simply need to open the app, select our school ‘Clacton County High School’ and log in using their usual school Google account credentials.

Click here to learn how to access the Sora App

The Sora catalogue includes audio books as well as eBooks, plus the option to select ‘dyslexia font’ as well as ‘high contrast’ formatting for students with a visual impairment.  

Students can also explore recommended titles within the following categories:
•    Books in Spanish – a great way to develop their confidence and fluency in Spanish!
•    Titles exploring diversity
•    Bibliotherapy (fiction and non-fiction that will help you cope with difficult situations, take care of yourself and develop empathy for the difficulties others face). 
•    GCSE English Literature exam texts

SORA on the Apple App Store      SORA on Google Play

Our library at CCHS offers a bright and open area for quiet study and reading and can provide a welcoming and peaceful retreat from the bustle and stress of school life for everyone.
Working alongside the school faculties we aim to further complement and enhance your child’s education with an extensive and varied collection of fiction and non-fiction texts and resources. With nearly 13,000 books and more being added regularly, whether it is research for completing homework, personal interest or reading for enjoyment, we are confident that we can provide material to suit all tastes, interests and abilities.
At CCHS, we recognise that reading and improved literacy can greatly benefit our students across other areas of the curriculum and our librarian is always available to provide help and guidance on reading choices. We encourage our students to widen their experience of reading from the very start, but with such a wide choice of books available, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin.
The library is not restricted to books alone. We subscribe to a range of magazines (both educational and general interest) and online article resources. Computers are available for student use.
The library is an open resource for students to take advantage of during their lunch and break times, while teachers are free to choose the library as an alternative venue for their classes where easy access to books and computers would be beneficial to the lesson. Teachers can also utilise the resources available for their lessons on a ‘borrowing’ basis.

All students automatically become members of our library community on entry to the school – the rest is up to them!

Results Days Reminder

GCSE/L2 subjects (Years 10 and 11)

Thursday 12th August - 9am to 12noon in the main hall at CCHS.

A Level/L3 subjects

Tuesday 10th August - 9am to 12noon in the Atrium at Sigma Sixth Tendring - Tendring Education Centre

Following receipt of results on the above days, should students wish to appeal/raise a query regarding their results please can they do so via this
Google form link (CCHS student login required)