PROUD Sessions

incorporating Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

At Clacton County High School, we take pride in our varied and interesting PSHE provision. This takes the form of mini-sessions, delivered during form periods, dedicated lessons, such as RE and Relationships and Sex Education, along with a series of PROUD sessions thoughout each academic year. These are related to our PROUD Ideals (Perseverance, Responsibility, Opportunity, Unity and Diversity) and form part of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) elements of our curriculum.

PSHEE helps students to explore and reflect on complex, sometimes everyday circumstances, but also brings a focus to broader societal and global issues allowing them to develop their own values and attitudes. Students are also encouraged to identify and articulate feelings and emotions, learn to manage new or difficult situations positively and form and maintain effective relationships with a wide range of people. PSHEE makes a major contribution to the promotion of personal development.

During morning form-time sessions, form groups focus on the four British Values; respect for other religions and cultures, democracy, the rule of law, and individual liberty. Form teachers use a variety of media including interactive presentations and video, as well as discussion questions, in order to further the understanding that students have of these important aspects of life in Britain.

During PROUD Days, students spend time off-timetable in order to study topics that affect their real lives. During the academic year, PROUD Days will be covering a variety of topics including:
• World Mental Health Day
• World Human Rights Day
• Relationships Education & Teen Pregnancy/Parenting
• Extremism, Racism and Tolerance
• An introduction to Sign Language
• Internet safety
• First Aid and CPR Training
PROUD Days @ CCHS• Ethics - Animal Testing & Human Rights
• Democracy
• An introduction to the Open University
• Money - including payday loans and creating a budget
• Careers - CV writing, careers fair, options available post-16
• Revision Techniques

PROUD Days @ CCHSOur PROUD Days also frequently involve guest speakers and presenters from groups such as:

• Prison, Me? No Way!
• Stonewall - Lesbian, Gay and Transgender
• Essex Road Safety
• Essex Fire Service

As part of a whole school approach we aim to equip students with the qualities and attributes they will require to thrive as individuals, as family members and also as members of society. In a nutshell, we provide the pupils with knowledge, impartial information and advice, in order for them to make informed choices about leading a safe and healthy lifestyle. The skills developed from the PROUD sessions are transferred across all curriculum areas and are key to developing responsible young adults who are able to make appropriate choices in later life.