School Uniform

CCHS Uniform SupplierCCHS School Uniform

Years 7 – 11

• School tie - specific tie for each year group - see below.
• Blazer with school badge
• Shirt - Plain white with top button, short or long sleeved, suitable for wearing with a tie
• School cardigan or jumper with logo
• Girls - Royal Blue pleated skirt
      Only tights (with feet) or plain navy/black/white ankle or knee high socks are to be worn with skirts.
      Leggings are not acceptable
• Girls and Boys - Black full-length school trousers
      NB. No skinny trousers, no jeans, no trousers with patch pockets.
     Please see the CCHS Acceptable Trousers Document.

• Shoes - these should be low-heeled plain black FULL office style shoes that can be polished.
      NB. No boots, trainers, suede or canvas style shoes.
     Please see the CCHS Acceptable Shoes Document.

• Plain tights (as detailed above) or plain navy/black/white ankle socks

School Ties 2021-2022

As of September we begin moving towards a different stripe on the school tie for each individual year group. Our new Year 7 will need a red stripe, Year 8 and Year 9 will remain in the current tie, Year 10 (who would have been required to purchase a new Key Stage 4 tie) will need a purple stripe and Year 11 will continue with their blue stripe. For current students in the school, the only change is for current Year 9 (as they move into Year 10) who will need a new purple stripe tie going forward.

Students will keep with their year group colour throughout their time at CCHS.
Should any parents have difficulty purchasing a new tie for their child moving into Year 10, please email the school.

NB. From the start of the new academic year - September 2021

Year 7 - CCHS tie with Red Stripe

Year 8 - CCHS tie - Original Plain (no stripe)

Year 9 - CCHS tie - Original Plain (no stripe)

Year 10 - CCHS tie with Purple Stripe

Year 11 - CCHS tie with Blue Stripe


• Jewellery can only be worn if it is discreet and appropriate for school; there may be some jewellery that is accepted under religious grounds. Necklaces etc. should be out of sight and not visible over uniform.
• Personal adornments, such as nose studs (unless clear), or large hooped earrings, are not acceptable and have to be removed or covered with tape.
• Hair – If hair is coloured then it can only be done with natural hair colours and not dyed to ‘rainbow’ colours
• Fingernails must be an acceptable length and colour, appropriate for practical lessons and PE
• Students who wear make-up must ensure that it is discrete and appropriate for the school environment.
• Outside garments - which are not part of school uniform should not be worn when inside the school building under any circumstance. On entering the school premises at the start of the day and following social times, garments should be removed straight away.

Failure to adhere to the school's uniform requirements will result in a student being withdrawn from lessons.

Physical Education

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)

• Navy/Black Shorts - Boys & Girls (Not Cycling Short Style)
• Navy Skorts (Girls - Optional)
• White Polo Shirt (Compulsory)
• Blue football socks (Compulsory)
• Trainers/Football boots
• CCHS Rugby Shirt (Boys; optional for Girls) - Boys must have a Rugby Shirt
• CCHS PE Sweat Shirt (Girls; optional for boys) - Girls must have a Sweat Shirt
• Plain Navy or Black Jogging Bottoms (Optional)
• Swim - Boys: Shorts or trunks - Dark Colours Only
• Swim - Girls: All-in-one Costume Dark Colours Only

Students are required to bring indoor kit when on swimming lessons in case the pool is out of action and this will allow an alternative activity to be planned.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

• Navy Polo Shirt
• Navy Shorts
• Blue football socks
• Trainers/Football boots
• CCHS Rugby shirt (optional for KS4 only)
• CCHS PE Sweat Shirt (optional)
• Plain Navy or Black Jogging Bottoms (optional)

In the colder weather students are permitted to wear tracksuit bottoms and sports undershirts.
During the winter months Rugby tops and Football boots are compulsory for activities on the field.


Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

• Black 'CCHS Dancer' Polo Shirt
• Black Legging/ Joggers or Harem Pants
• Trainers or Dance shoes

All uniform should be clearly marked with the student’s name so that it can easily be returned if lost

Uniform Supplier

Anglia Sports and Schoolwear Ltd

Results Days Reminder

GCSE/L2 subjects (Years 10 and 11)

Thursday 12th August - 9am to 12noon in the main hall at CCHS.

A Level/L3 subjects

Tuesday 10th August - 9am to 12noon in the Atrium at Sigma Sixth Tendring - Tendring Education Centre

Following receipt of results on the above days, should students wish to appeal/raise a query regarding their results please can they do so via this
Google form link (CCHS student login required)