Attendance Matters

Attendance Matters

It is expected that students attend school every day it is open. Attendance is celebrated and rewarded. Rewards are given every term for those students who achieve excellent attendance of 97% or above.

If a child is ill, the parent/carer must contact the School on the first day of the student’s illness and each day after, as long as the absence continues.
Telephone the ‘Student Absence Line’ on 01255 424266 (choose option 1) before 8.45am, or report the absence, free of charge, through the Messaging Option on the MyEd App - see below.

The School will attempt to contact the parent of any pupil whose absence has not been established by previous contact via the ‘Student Absence Line’. When a child returns to school following a period of absence he/she must provide the Attendance Office with written confirmation of the reasons for the absence signed by their parent/guardian even after a telephone call.

Medical or similar appointments for your child should, wherever possible be made outside of school hours. If this is impossible, written notification must be sent in and passed to the attendance office. Students who need to sign out during the school day, must sign out at attendance and they will be provided with a green ‘permission to be out of school’ slip and they must sign back into school at the attendance office upon their return. This is vital for safeguarding purposes.


Every morning students are expected to arrive in school by 8.45am and go straight to their form room.
If you son/daughter is going to be late to school please contact us by phone prior to 8.45am or send them in with a letter.
In this instance, your son/daughter should go to the attendance hub to collect a pass to justify their lateness; this will avoid your child receiving a sanction for lateness. 
If we do not receive a call or a letter from you, then your son/daughter should go straight to their form room, where they will receive a C2, if they arrive after the bell at 8.45am, or a C3, if they arrive after 8.50am.
If there is a legitimate reason for their lateness then we can subsequently cancel the C3.
If a student comes into school after 9.00am, they should sign in at the attendance office.
Should your child receive a hotspot after a C2 late has been issued and your child refuses this then the sanction will still stand.
Persistent lateness, that is unauthorised, will be dealt with by our attendance staff and can be treated in exactly the same way as if the student had been absent for the whole session.

What the law says?

The parent is legally responsible for ensuring that their child receives a suitable education.  (Section 7, Education Act 1996). Failure to ensure that their child attends school punctually and regularly could lead to legal action being taken against the parent.  This could result in each parent receiving a fine of up to £2,500 for each time or up to 3 months imprisonment. Local Education Authorities are required by law to enforce school attendance. By law, only the School can approve absence, not the parent.

Leave of Absence during term time:

The School complies with government legislation, which states that term time leave of absence can only be taken in ‘exceptional circumstances’. For example: Forces personnel on leave from a foreign posting or significant family events or circumstances.  If this is the case, a ‘Leave of Absence’ request form must be completed; this can be obtained from the Attendance Office.  When returned to the Attendance Office, it should be accompanied by a letter of explanation. If the School considers an application has not justified ‘Exceptional Circumstances’, approval will not be given. This is a school decisionIf the leave of absence is then taken regardless, the school may seek to apply for a Penalty Notice in accordance with Education (Penalty Notices) Regulations 2004.

MyEd School App

The Messaging option on the school's 'MyEd App' contains a 'Absence Hotline' messaging option where parents/carers can report their child as absent FREE OF CHARGE. Please include your child's name and the reason for the absence. Once a child returns to school, following an absence, written confirmation of the reasons for the absence signed by their parent/guardian, must be provided to the Attendance Office.


Absence Line: 01255 424266 - Option 1

Liz Clay - Attendance Officer
Nicola Nundy - Attendance Administrator