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Late to school ?

If your son/daughter is late to school please contact us by phone prior to 8.45am (01255 424266 - Option 1) and send them in with a letter/explainatory note. When they arrive they need go to report to the attendance hub to collect a pass to justify their lateness - this avoids them receiving a sanction for lateness.
Otherwise your son/daughter should go straight to form or their lessons; they will receive a C2 if they arrive after the bell or a C3 in they arrive after 8.50am.

What to do if your child is ill..

Please contact the School on the first day of your child's illness and each day after, as long as the absence continues. (Telephone the Student Absence Line before 9.00am - 01255 424266 - Option 1).
Following any period of absence, written confirmation must be supplied to the Attendance Office detailing the reasons for the absence, signed by the student's parent/carer.
This is in addition to your notification by phone each day during the absence.

Visit the Attendance webpage for more information.

What to do if your child is unable to participate in PE...

Please write a note for your child to give to their PE teacher, explaining the reason why your child is unable to particiapte in that particular lesson. A note is required for each PE lesson they are unable to particiapte in.
Students who are unable to particiapte in PE must still bring and change into their PE kit. They will still be required to assist and engage with the lesson even without active participation.

Which PE kit should my child bring to school for each lesson?

We encorage all students to bring their full PE kit* to all of their PE lessons.
This means that there is never any confusion to which PE kit students need to remember to bring into school. It also allows a lesson activity to be altered on the day due to weather conditions or other circumstances etc. The only execption to this is when they are timetabled for swimming. In this case they are required to bring their swimming costume and towel IN ADDITION to their normal PE kit. This is so that, in the event that the swimming pool is out of action, they can participate in an alternative activity.

*Full PE Kit is defined as:
White Polo Shirt, Blue Rugby Top/PE Sweat Shirt, Shorts/Skort, Royal Blue PE socks and trainers.
If a student knows that they have football or rugby for a particular lesson they may also wish to bring football boots in addition to their trainers - this is not compulsory and they can wear trainers for these activities.