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19th April 2022

Welcome back to the 2022 summer term!

It was a very busy spring term and so much went on that it is hard to know where to begin to reflect on all that happened.  As you will be aware, the term was not without its challenges but we came through it, without too much impact on students’ learning, and were able to go ahead with the great activities we had planned, all this alongside the mock exams within the main school and at Sigma Sixth.

To sum up on just some of the additional activities that have taken place; there has been a Year 7 Disco, Rewards Trips to the Pier, Duke of Edinburgh excursions, Bletchley Park visit, lots of different sporting events and local competitions, a visit to Cambridge and Twickenham for some Sixth form students, NEMO maths competition, World Book Day, Zoo Trips, Minsmere RSPB, Mercury Theatre, this is to mention only a few things and the list goes on.  

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