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Applying to join Sigma Sixth Tendring

Choosing where and what to study post 16 is both important and exciting. It is a choice that will not only shape the next two years but could influence the decisions you make later in life.

Sigma Sixth Tendring is a college which supports a journey of self-discovery and prepares studenst for the next stage of their life. Our students consistently achieve excellent results on our A Level and Applied courses, and students progress to their first-choice universities or employers with ease.

Our vision is to create opportunities within and beyond the curriculum to enable students to become a well-rounded, confident, responsible and successful person and to achieve your full potential both academically and personally.

At Sigma Sixth you will have a chance to study the subjects that you are passionate about, whilst developing as a person and deciding your future pathway. You’ll discover new opportunities, new responsibilities and new friendships. You will develop your independence and learn who you really are. Our students are individuals with a range of aspirations but all use their time here to nurture their potential and move closer to their ambitions.

Some of our students aspire to study sciences or law and apply to Russell Group universities. Others want to continue their studies at specialist universities for arts, music or technology. Some will be considering the world of work, or possibly a gap year before taking a degree course. Whatever path you chose, we will be there to help and guide you.

The success of our students and our high-quality provision and support has made us an increasingly popular choice for students. I hope that you too will be excited by what you learn about us and complete an application to join our community.

Sarah McKarry
Head of College

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Please note: CCHS students do not need to to apply using this form – applications will be completed during careers interviews.

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