A-Level Law

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A-Level Law

On this course, students explore a range of legal rules by which society and everyday life is governed, including criminal law and human rights law. They will learn about how the legal system operates, and explore legal concepts such as the meaning of ‘justice’ and whether it is achieved by the courts and in individual cases.

The study of Law is suitable for students who have an interest in people and related social issues. It develops their analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills, alongside the ability to construct balanced arguments – a skill highly regarded by any future employer.

A qualification in Law can lead to higher education study in Law, Criminology, Sociology, Business Studies, or any of a number of other academic subjects. It can lead to a range of careers including the legal profession, local government, politics, research, management, or on graduate trainee programmes offered by employers..

Assessment in this course: written examination only, at the end of the course.

Entry Requirements:

Students need to have achieved a minimum of 6 grades 5-9 incl. English and Maths.