A-Level Geography

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A-Level Geography

A-Level Geography is suited to students who are interested in the many factors affecting our planet and how we live. It develops an understanding of the impact of global changes and investigates how species need to adapt as a result. Geography students and graduates have one of the highest rates of employment of all degree holders.

Straddling the science and humanities disciplines, A-Level Geography allows students to study scientific, environmental and economic principles and issues. This course gives the opportunity to undertake fieldwork investigations looking at a range of case studies and the issues that affect plants, people and cultures.

Geography shares common topics with science, and also combines successfully with almost all other A-Level subjects. Geography is an academic subject and well-received in university applications, leading to a wide range of opportunities for study at university and ultimately a career in a wide range of sectors.

Assessment in this course: The course is 100% exam based with two exams at both AS and A Level.

Entry Requirements:

Students need to have achieved a minimum of 6 grades 5-9 incl. English and Maths and should be aiming to achieve  a minimum grade 6 in their Geography GCSE.