A-Level Psychology

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A-Level Psychology

Psychology is a vast subject and looks at the most complex machine on earth: the human mind. It seeks explanations for the behaviour of some notorious individuals who have had a significant global impact (e.g. Hitler) to everyday phenomena like being unable to remember where you left your house keys. It also explores topics including different types of mental illness and the possible causes. Within A-Level Psychology, there is a strong emphasis on learning scientific research methods and in the application of Psychological issues to real-world situations.

Psychology is a subject which opens many doors and imposes few limitations on those who study it. Many graduates, who are accepted into Law and Medical degrees, have Psychology as an A-Level.

Assessment in the course: 100% external examination, following 2 years of study for A2.

Entry Requirements:

Students need to have achieved a minimum of 6 grades 5-9 incl. English and Maths.