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Sixth Form Induction Day

Published on 14 Jun 2022

Sixth Form Induction Day - 14th July 2022

Our Sixth Form Induction Day for Year 11 students joining us in September will be on Thursday, 14th July. We are very excited to welcome the new cohort to Sigma Sixth for the day and have some exciting activities planned which we hope students will find both informative and enjoyable. 

The CCHS Blog

Published on 19 Apr 2022

19th April 2022

Welcome back to the 2022 summer term!

It was a very busy spring term and so much went on that it is hard to know where to begin to reflect on all that happened.  As you will be aware, the term was not without its challenges but we came through it, without too much impact on students’ learning, and were able to go ahead with the great activities we had planned, all this alongside the mock exams within the main school and at Sigma Sixth.

Sigma Sixth College Blog

Published on 26 Jan 2022

Amazingly how fast time flies, we are now over half-way through our first half term of 2022, but before we leave January, I wanted to update you on some memorable events I wanted to update you on some memorable events that happened on campus during the autumn term..............

CCHS 'Word of the Week'

Published on 1 Nov 2021

This year we are highlighting a 'Word of the Week' to help support our whole school literacy strategy on reading and to help stimulate the learning of new vocabulary.

Face Coverings Re-introduced

Published on 5 Oct 2021

In order to avoid a return to class bubbles, restricted practical lessons and segregated social spaces, we have re-introduced the need for all students to wear a face covering whilst using indoor social spaces and in corridors.